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c++.stlsoft - STLSoft 1.9.1 beta 44 released

A number of hopefully final 1.9.1 changes.

Download from http://stlsoft.org/downloads.html#stlsoft_1_9_1b44


Changes for 1.9.1 beta 44 (22nd February 2007):


 ~ distribution is now rooted under stlsoft-X.Y, e.g. stlsoft-1.9.1-beta44


 + stlsoft::scoped_handle thief-constructor, allowing for re-assignment
    of resource and implicit transfer of release function, as in:

        stlsoft::scoped_handle<void*>  sh1(::malloc(10), ::free);

            stlsoft::scoped_handle<void*>  sh2(&sh1);

        } // if "some-condition", memory is freed here

    } // if "!some-condition", memory is freed here

 + comstl::bstr::swap()

 + inetstl::basic_ftpdir_sequence now allows copy construction and copy

 + mfcstl::CList_adaptor_base::push_back()


 ~ stlsoft::scoped_handle now requires the *address of* the resource
    when used with an indirect release function. For example, given the
    following resource API:

        int  alloc_resource();
        void release_resource_indirect(int *);
    the following code used to be valid:

        stlsoft::scoped_handle  sh(alloc_resource(), release_resource_indirect);

    This is now not allowed. It must now be:

        int                     h   =   alloc_resource();
        stlsoft::scoped_handle  sh(&h, release_resource_indirect);


 ~ workaround for GCC 3.x, to ensure that stlsoft::fixed_array_?d templates
    now correctly copy-construct

 ~ mfcstl::CList_adaptor_base iterator copying corrected

 ~ platformstl::readdir_sequence bug fix for Borland/DMC++

 ~ rangelib::invalid_integral_range_policy - some general tidying up

 ~ unixstl::glob_sequence now uses stlsoft::scoped_handle, to
    simplify implementation

 ~ winstl::basic_findfile_sequence now uses stlsoft::scoped_handle, to
    simplify implementation
Feb 22 2007