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c++.announce - STLSoft 1.9.1 beta 38 released

A few late additions, some more directory changes, and a couple of bug

Download from http://stlsoft.org/downloads.html#stlsoft_1_9_1b38




Changes for 1.9.1 beta 38 (3rd January 2006):


 + stlsoft/filesystem/io_functions.hpp, which defines the function template
   read_line, used to read a line of text from a FILE* stream, e.g.

    FILE          *stm = . . .;
    std::string   str;

    while(stlsoft::read_line(stm, str))
      ::fprintf(stdout, "line: %.*s\n", int(str.size()), str.data());

 ~ stlsoft::ptr_ifun() indirection function pointer adaptor creator
   functions - used with std::for_each if you are storing a sequence
   of X but your function acts on X*, e.g.

    class X;

    void modX(X *);

    std::vector<X>    vecx;

    std::for_each(vecx.begin(), vecx.end(), stlsoft::ptr_ifun(modX));

 + reinstatement of the "remove from scope" technique, in the guise of the
   STLSOFT_REMOVE_FROM_SCOPE(name) macro, which removes a name from the
   current scope (and any enclosed scopes). Defined in

 + added winstl::listview_sequence_item::state()


 ~ stlsoft/function_adaptors/ref2ptr.hpp =>

 ~ winstl/clipboard/exceptions.hpp => winstl/clipboard/error/exceptions.hpp

 ~ 360+ other files are modified in comments only - for auto-documentation
   purposes only

 ~ stlsoft::error_desc now works with stream inserters with all compilers

 ~ stlsoft::ref2ptr() indirection function pointer adaptor creator functions
   are deprecated, in favour of stlsoft::ptr_ifun() creator functions.

 ~ comstl::errorinfo_desc now works with stream inserters with all compilers

 ~ fixed compilation problem with unixstl/dl/dl_call.hpp with GCC 4.x
Jan 02 2007