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c++.announce - STLSoft 1.9.1 beta 30 released

Minor mods to facilitate compilation of UNIXSTL (and Pantheios;
http://pantheios.org/) on MAC OSX on the Intel architecture. Many thanks to
Brad Cox for helping out here.

Download from http://stlsoft.org/downloads.html#stlsoft_1_9_1b30

No adjustments to scoped_handle yet, Adi, sorry, but that should be in the
next (and hopefully last) beta.

(FYI: Am hoping to release final versions of STLSoft 1.9.1 _and_ Pantheios
1.0.1 before the end of the year.)


Changes for 1.9.1 beta 30 (2nd December 2006):


~ UNIXSTL components spin_mutex and the atomic_???() function suite are now
  compatible with both architectures (PPC + Intel) on MAC OSX.
Dec 01 2006