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c++.stlsoft - STLSoft 1.10.1 alpha 7 (delta) released

Download from http://stlsoft.org/


1st January 2009 - 1.10.1 alpha 7 (delta)


 * added new quality header stlsoft/quality/cover.h, which defines code
   coverage constructs for STLSoft
 * added code coverage constructs to string_to_integer functions, scoped_ptr
   class template, basic_simple_string class template, and wait functions.
 * fixed namespace visibility defect for scoped_ptr's get_ptr shim overload
 * fixed defects in basic_simple_string's at(), append() and erase() methods
 * added find(), rfind(), find_first_of(), find_last_of(),
   find_first_not_of() and find_last_not_of() methods to basic_simple_string



 + include/stlsoft/quality/cover.h

 ~ include/stlsoft/conversion/string_to_integer.hpp:
    + added code coverage constructs

 ~ include/stlsoft/string/shim_string.hpp:
    + added code coverage constructs
    - removed an unnecessary runtime test in the internal reserve_() method

 ~ include/stlsoft/string/simple_string.hpp:
    + added code coverage constructs
    ~ fixed defect in non-mutating version of at(), whereby specifying the
index == length did not throw, but returned a reference to the terminating nul
character (which is what the subscript operator should do (and does do))
    ~ fixed defect in 3-param form of append, whereby an out-of-range pos
parameter should throw std::out_of_range: it now does so in compilations with
    ~ fixed defect in 0-param erase()
    + added rfind() overloads
    + added find_first_of() overloads
    + added find_last_of() overloads
    + added find_first_not_of() overloads
    + added find_last_not_of() overloads
    + added find() methods

 ~ include/stlsoft/tr1/smartptr/scoped_ptr.hpp:
    + added code coverage constructs
    ~ corrected defect whereby get_ptr shim was not in ::stlsoft namespace


 ~ include/winstl/synch/wait_functions.hpp:
    + added code coverage constructs

 Test programs:

 + test/unit/stlsoft/smartptr/scoped_ptr/test.unit.stlsoft.smartptr.scoped_ptr

 + test/unit/winstl/filesystem/test.unit.winstl.filesystem.filesystem_traits.1

 + test/unit/winstl/system/test.unit.winstl.system.system_traits.1

 + test/unit/winstl/system/test.unit.winstl.system.system_traits.2

 ~ test/unit/stlsoft/string/test.unit.stlsoft.string.shim_string/test.unit.stlsoft.string.shim_string.cpp:
    ~ completed test coverage

 ~ test/unit/stlsoft/string/test.unit.stlsoft.string.simple_string/test.unit.stlsoft.string.simple_string.cpp:
    + added find() methods

Dec 31 2008