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c++.stlsoft - Martin, we need the document for stlsoft, thx!

reply "duyuor" <duyuor sina.com> writes:
Jul 04 2007
parent Matthew Wilson <no-one nowhere.no.com> writes:
Things here are *extremely* busy, commercially, for me at the moment. My
current client's needs are occupying almost all my waking hours.

However, I have some good plans for documentation of STLSoft, in collaboration
with some of its more regular and knowledgeable users, that should start to
kick in in the next month or so.

So, as usual, I apologise for the lack of docs, and promise better soon.

The most likely turnout is that 1.9.3 is released - in the next couple of weeks
- with the same minimal/non-existent documentation, but that 1.9.4 will contain
the start of the new docs.

In the meantime, you can always buy my latest book - Extended STL, volume 1
(http://extendedstl.com/) - that contains a good description of a number of the
STLSoft components from the inside out. ;-)


Jul 04 2007