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c++.announce - [b64] version 1.1 released

The little b64 library has been upgraded to full RFC-1113 compliance
(version 1.0 did not do white-space line-splitting), and now provides
flexible behaviour for line-splitting on encoding and invalid-character
detection on decoding.

Download from http://synesis.com.au/software/b64.html

NOTE: for those users of the cstring, STLSoft, recls, Open-RJ, UNIXEm, (or
the soon-to-be-released execpp, Pantheios and shwild) libraries, please note
that I've put a lot of effort into the documentation of b64. It now provides
what I hope is useful and sufficiently comprehensive documentation,

 - per-item (i.e. function, enum, #define, class, and so on) documentation
 - a set of example programs, succinctly illustrating discrete use cases.
 - a set of sample programs, providing functioning programs that illustrate
use of the library to perform real task(s)
 - instructions for installing the library
 - instructions for building the library
 - instructions for using (#include-ing and linking to) the library
 - "standard" distribution info files: README, INSTALL, HISTORY, NEWS,
AUTHORS, and so on.

I'm very keen to hear feedback on this, and whether it answers the valid
criticisms of recls, STLSoft, et al. If not, please let me know what else
needs to be done, as I intend to make this the template for subsequent
library releases.


Apr 27 2006