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c++.announce - STLSoft 1.9.1 beta 5 released

More directory structure refactoring, and several new additions, including:

+ stlsoft::ref2ptr generator function for function object classes that
    a reference into a pointer
+ stlsoft::contiguous_diluter_iterator
    (stlsoft/iterators/contiguous_diluter_iterator.hpp) - "de-refines"
+ stlsoft::null_output_iterator
    (stlsoft/iterators/null_output_iterator.hpp) - exactly what it says on
 tin. ;-)
+ stlsoft::unsorted_map (stlsoft/containers/unsorted_map.hpp) - a map that
    preserves the order of insertion
+ atlstl/automation_collections.hpp - COM collection helper classes. Still a
    bit of a work in progress
+ atlstl/enumerators.hpp - one of the useful Synesis enumerator templates
    moved over. There'll be more to come on this one.
+ atlstl/property_method_helpers.hpp - more helpers, for getting prop value
    result of a method call on self, or member.
+ atlstl/support_error_info.hpp - new SupportErrorInfoImpl4 class template
+ comstl/acyclic_connector.hpp - comstl::acyclic_connector class template
   allowing communication between two COM objects while avoiding a ref-count
+ comstl/interface_function.h - useful functions brought over from Synesis
+ winstl::netapi_allocator (winstl/memory/netapi_allocator.hpp) - an
   that wraps the Windows Network Buffer API

Download from http://stlsoft.org/downloads.html#stlsoft_1_9_1b5

The book (http://extendedstl.com/) is all done bar the Preface (which has
taken me 3 (!) weeks so far), after which I expect to be able to make
headway on STLSoft 1.9, XMLSTL, and several other things.

Something cool coming up is Pablo Aguilar's Tool Help library, which wraps
the Windows TOOLHELP API in a rather nice set of STL sequences. That's a
definite for 1.9.1 proper, and we're just waiting to get some decent docs
together before putting it in the next beta.


Mar 27 2006