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c++.stlsoft - Organised bug-tracking for STLSoft

Hi everyone

Just to let you know that I've installed BugZilla, and will be using it for
STLSoft (and recls, Open-RJ, shwild, Pantheios, UNIXEm, and all my other
little libraries) henceforth.

It would be of great benefit if you can prefix any bug reports on this list
(or in email) with "[bug]" (not includin g, as this'll help me when I get
round to writing a tool to trawl the NG (and my email) to automatically
insert them into the BugZilla db.

If you could prefix feature requests with "[feature-request]", that'd be
good also. I expect we'll come up with other categories down the line (maybe
[congratulation], [financial-donation], etc. etc. <g>)

Thanks in advance.


P.S. STLSoft 1.8.7 b2 should be out in next day or so. 1.9 is still on the
cards, but I've a lot of cleaning up of many things to do, so there'll be a
few 1.8.x's for a while yet ...
Sep 10 2005