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c++.dos - TUI for DM?

reply "Carol & Jerry Jankura" <jerry.jankura stratos.net> writes:
Has anyone implemented a TUI for DM?

I found JPTUI for GNU or Borland C++ that puts out a "Norton" like TUI
interface. However, JPTUI looks like it'll need some major work if it's to
be ported over to DM.

In a same vein, has anyone added the "Window" function and similar library
functions to Borland's RTL?

At one time, I'd purchased TCXL with source but discarded it when I never
thought I'd be playing with DOS again. Now, guess what, I'm working on a CNC
G-Code interpreter in DOS and wish I had some of the software that I'd
tossed. Moral - don't toss anything away

-- Carol & Jerry Jankura
   Strongsville, Ohio
   So many toys, so little time....
Aug 27 2002
parent reply Roland <rv ronetech.com> writes:
Carol & Jerry Jankura a écrit :

 Has anyone implemented a TUI for DM?
for my general culture: what is a TUI ? thanks roland
Aug 29 2002
parent Jan Knepper <jan smartsoft.cc> writes:
I think it is Text-User-Interface...  <g>
Aug 29 2002