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c++.announce - STLFilt for Digital Mars C++

Leor Zolman (of BDSC fame) emailed me this announcement:


I just posted a "raw" initial release of STLFilt for the Digital Mars C++
compiler. There are several minor issues remaining to be resolved, mostly
due to the fact that the messages emitted by DMC for these few cases
hash_map, hash_set and unnamed namespaces, not your typical every-day
facilities) need some work.

Overall, this was a pretty easy port, mostly due to the straight-forward
of Walter's implementation...straight-forwardness, as I'm quickly finding
being a hallmark of Walter's work (no complaint there!)

Also, I haven't done my pare-down analysis yet to find out which regex's can
simply be cut from the Perl script, but at least the ones there that are
unneccesary should't adversely effect the current filtering.

The download page is, as usual,
Mar 18 2004