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c++ - C: <stdio.h> doesn't compile with -A

reply mciura star.iinf.polsl.gliwice.pl writes:
dmc -A fails on C programs that include <string.h>
as the first standard header file.

This is because <string.h> typedefs wchar_t
only if __STDC__ is not defined,
yet regardless of the existence of __STDC__
it declares a couple of functions that use wchar_t .

By the way, isn't wchar_t a part of standard C anyway?

Best regards,
Apr 24 2003
parent Marcin Ciura <mciura star.iinf.polsl.gliwice.pl> writes:
Sorry for my mistake in the subject of my previous message.
<string.h> does not compile with dmc -A in C mode,
if and only if it is the first included header.
I use dmc version 8.33.
Apr 25 2003