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D.gnu - GDC with Xcode - Mac GUI

I put a small webpage up with GDC running under Xcode:


Haven't done any real integration of the compiler and linker yet,
so I just hacked in an invocation for the main application binary:

gdc main.d -g -o $(BUILD_DIR)/$(EXECUTABLE_PATH) -Wl,-framework,Carbon

But it does do syntax coloring, error reporting and also debugging -
even if linking and name mangling is not exactly perfect at the moment.

The sample project expects GDC to be installed under the dir "/opt/gdc",
you can do a symbolic link if needed: ln -s /usr/local/gcc-3.4 /opt/gdc

More stuff about getting started with the Carbon framework found here:

I also have a DMG for installing GDC 0.10 with GCC-3.4.3,
which is about 30 megs after compacting with regular gzip.

Looks like: http://www.algonet.se/~afb/d/gdc-installer.jpg

After installing, the two packages requires about 120 MB.
(gdc-0.10-3 and gdc-c++-0.10-3, built from the source RPM)

SRPM: http://www.algonet.se/~afb/d/gdc-0.10-3.nosrc.rpm

Jan 18 2005