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D.gnu - Lots of Silence

My apologies to Andy and everyone else for not being more communicative.

I have also been swallowed by a mountain of work.  

While I have been handling that, my ISP has decided that they no longer want my
business.  They have shut off their long distance dial-up, effectively ending
our association.  My first notice was when the long-distance number was
disconnected.  I called their office number, and it was disconnected as well.  

Since then, I have not had time to find a new Provider.

I will be hunting up a new ISP over the weekend, and will begin communicating
again, with a new internet address.

As long as it does not interfere with work, my employer allows very limited use
of the internet for personal reasons, but I do not want to push the limits. 

Andy Walker
Jun 21 2002