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D.gnu - Like any help Jan?

Hi Jan, I'm reasonably interested in D at the moment and I've been 
playing with Burton's DLI port - which is very good so far.  I think the 
effort to glue the DMD frontend to the GCC backend is better for linux D 
in the long run (machine portability + easy of sync with Walter's 
frontend) and I'd like to offer my megar skills if you'd like a hand.  I 
haven't written a compiler before, but I'm willing to learn.  I've 
started reading about the GCC backend, RTL trees, etc.  I also have your 
code compiling with gcc3.2.1
If you'd like a hand let me know & I'll see what I can do.
BTW - I can't seem to find what the DMD frontend generates, does it 
generate anything?  Did Walter provide any docs to help with backend 
efforts?  I couldn't find any - maybe it's obvious to experienced 
compiler writers :)

  I can follow the parse phases, but by the time module::genObjFile is 
called what data are we working with (ie, raw semantically correct 
tokens from original file, or some other structure?)

Jan 19 2003