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D.gnu - DLI operator overloading + goals

Hi all, in my playing with DLI I've noticed that operator overloading 
only work for eq() and add().  A bit of a look through machine-i386.cpp 
and a bit of a hack got me subtration working too - but only for 
class/struct op class/struct type expressions.  I've also just found 
that I get an error with
Mytest sub(int i) ...

there is the error
Error: incompatible types for ((t2) - (1)): 'Mytest' and 'int'

Which is an error code in cast.cpp
So I'm guessing that this is another feature that isn't quite ready for 
primetime yet (operator overloading was added late if I recal?)
I think that this is a frontend problem in the cast.cpp file and a 
backend issue in machine-i386 - am I right here?

My second question is about the goals of DLI - the README says that this 
is a first pass attempt to write a D backend in order to write an entire 
compiler for D in D?.  From the little I know about compilers having a 
self hosting compiler is usually a good thing as it catches a lot of bugs.

Also, how is the gcc backend project going?

Jan 17 2003