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D.gnu - "gdcmac" vs. regular GDC

Just a clearification:

My "gdcmac" (or: GNU D Compiler for Mac OS X) aims
to be a simple installation of D, targeted towards
the system compiler (GCC 3.3) from the Xcode tools:


It also has a few darwin-specific patches, like support
for "-framework" or "-mcpu=G3" and so on and so forth...
All ported over from Apple's Darwin version of GCC 3.3:


The aim is to make it possible to have a *small* install
that will add a D compiler to the Mac, with minimal fuss.
So far, with GDC 0.11, it's like 90% there already... :-)

But it is also possible to compile a regular "UNIX" version
of GDC, using say GCC 3.4.3 or something, and install it -
along with the "vanilla" GCC and G++ - in a custom location.

That was the way that it used to work, before GCC 0.11 fixed the 
remaining link hurdles. In the future, there will be two such GDC
versions available for Mac: one Apple (gdcmac), one Vanilla (gdc).

Both "versions" are under the GNU General Public License (GPL).
I'm building the Mac version "by hand", and the other with RPM.
One installing /usr/bin/gdc, and one installing /opt/gdc/bin/gdc
along with (optionally) : /opt/gdc/bin/gcc and /opt/gdc/bin/g++
That's the way that the current GDC 0.10 package for Mac works,
it has all three: C, C++, D. The GDC 0.11 package "only" has D.

Source code:
	Makefile (and *.patch)
	gdc-0.11-7.src.rpm (with GCC 3.4.3)

Binary packages:
	(also available as a PKG:)
	gdc-0.11-mac-10.3.zip (Panther)
	gdc-0.11-mac-10.4.zip (Tiger)
	(also available as a MPKG:)
	gdc-c-0.11-7.ppc.rpm (gcc and support files)
	gdc-c++-0.11-7.ppc.rpm (g++ and support files)

The current RPM files are for Darwin 7, but will be for Yellow Dog
Linux 3 instead for the next version (the SRPM should work on both)
It's possible to do RPMS for Darwin 8 and YDL 4 too, if requested.

For 0.12 (and beyond), there will be one PKG'd version for each...
Or four versions in total, if you count Panther and Tiger variants ?
Currently they all live at: http://sourceforge.net/projects/gdcmac/


PS. "gdc" is 30 MB (including C/C++), and "gdcmac" is just 3 MB...
     (the compressed download, that is. Install is somewhat larger)
May 08 2005