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D.gnu - library locations on Darwin

It seems like the "vanilla" GCC (and thus GDC)
and Apple's GCC install the libs in different
locations ? Is this something we want to change ?

For GDC, you end up with: (e.g. gdcmac versions)


But for Apple's, it's instead: (i.e. less "detail")

  (this is a "fat" directory, with both PPC / X86
   or "ppc" and "i386" as the two arch are called)

Then again, for Tiger they have changed it back to:


So I'm not sure if we should change to the old one ?

It would probably be nice to lose the minor Mac OS X
version, though ? i.e. just keep the major version:
10.3.x vs 10.4.y (a.k.a. darwin7.x.0 vs darwin8.y.0)

Haven't yet checked if GDC breaks when you upgrade the
Mac OS, since GDC has been updated often enough too :-)
Note: Mac OS X does *not* have any X86 targets included.

If so, we should probably edit darwin7.9.0 to darwin7,
and darwin8.0.0 to darwin8 - to avoid those problems ?
(for the --build/--host/--target when building, that is)

I think I will go with a compromise for "GDC-0.12-Mac" :
(and probably also change prefix, from /opt/gdc to /usr)

-   lib/gcc/powerpc-apple-darwin7/3.3.6/
+   lib/gcc/i386-apple-darwin7/3.3.6/
-   lib/gcc/powerpc-apple-darwin8/3.3.6/
+   lib/gcc/i686-apple-darwin8/3.3.6/

No plans to upgrade to GCC 3.4 - but GCC 4.0 would be nice. ;-)
(GCC/G++ 3.3 is already on the Xcode Tools, so it's easier)
For the binary download, that is. GCC 3.4.3 does work fine.

+: The X86 binaries won't be part of the regular download,
since they require the X86 as assembler anyway (which isn't
installed on Mac OS X, and makes for quite a big download...)


PS. Gotta love this rationale (?) for them changing it:
"# Rearrange various libraries, for no really good reason."
(from the "build_gcc" script, from Apple's version of GCC)
May 07 2005