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D - wchar -> char16 and char32

I hope you take critism as an indication that people are really interested in
your language...

 #  The wchar type can be either 2 or 4 bytes wide in current implementations;
 future implementations can increase the size further.
The author of C regretted that he did not make his integral datatypes well defined, and D may repeat C's history with wchar. I suggest using char16 and char32 instead. If I'm writing for Windows, I use char16 for win32 API calls and if I'm writing for linux, I would use char32 for linux API calls. Will D have two sets of code for handling strings? Yes, but D will have this anyways with ports for the two operating systems. Libraries that have wchars as their parameter lists will not know the size without testing them -- something that is better done with overloading (method(char16[] str) and method(char32[] str)). As it is now, wchar forces us (library programmers) to think about the wchar datatype. D might as well make it more explicit.
Jan 12 2003