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D - [BUG?] Private/protected class member accessable

When accessing static members of a class in a different module, private
and protected members are not protected when accessed directly (through
MyClass.staticMember) but are when accessed through an instance of
that class (myClassInst.staticMember). This seems incorrect.

Also, when accessing a module member declared privated, if you specify
the module when accessing (mymodule.privateMember) it is not protected
while it is when you don't (privateMember)

Relevant sections of the spec:

"Private means that only members of the enclosing class can access the 
member, or members and functions in the same module as the enclosing class."

"Protected means that only members of the enclosing class or any classes 
derived from that class can access the member."

And one last minor thing in the spec it is stated "Protected module 
members are illegal." yet I can apply "protected" to a module member and 
the compiler doesn't complain.

Sample code attached
Apr 22 2004