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D - [bug?] access violation on custom new / delete

reply h3r3tic <h3r3tic_member pathlink.com> writes:
hiya. this code causes an access violation:

import std.c.stdlib;
import std.outofmemory;
import std.gc;

class Foo
new(uint sz)
void* p;

p = std.c.stdlib.malloc(sz);
if (!p)
throw new OutOfMemory();
std.gc.addRange(p, p + sz);
return p;

delete(void* p)
if (p)
{	std.gc.removeRange(p);

void main() 
Foo bar = new Foo;
delete bar;


am i missing sth or is that a bug ? obviously the code comes from
"http://www.digitalmars.com/d/memory.html", though i had to add "std." before
'gc.*' to make it compile <- the documentation needs a change.

compile log = """
D:\dmd\bin\dmd.exe   -odC:\h3\d\dide\Projects\Temp -ofTemp.exe
Build started on 4/4/2004 at 13:13:58

Build Succeeded

OUTPUT = """
Error: Access Violation

im running WindowsXP SP1 on AthlonXP. Im using the most recent version of dmd.
Apr 04 2004
parent "Manfred Nowak" <svv1999 hotmail.com> writes:
h3r3tic wrote:

 am i missing sth or is that a bug ?
[...] Both. Foo is missing any "normal" declaration. So it is completely useless. Declaring something, I used `int x;', makes the error vanish. Anyway this shouldn't cause an AV or an "Win32 exception", which throws when deleting the printf. So long!
Apr 04 2004