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D - sc.ini

reply imr1984 <imr1984_member pathlink.com> writes:
when you download dmd, it comes with a sc.ini which stores the environment
variables, and everytime a new version comes out, i have to modify it because
the lib directory variable is wrong. The lib directories are relative, eg "set
LIB=\dmd\lib;\dm\lib" but i cant find out from where. To fix the linker errors i
just make them absolute, but is this the right way?
Jan 24 2004
parent Manfred Nowak <svv1999 hotmail.com> writes:
imr1984 wrote:

 directories are relative, eg "set LIB=\dmd\lib;\dm\lib"
[...] The sc.ini I download contains `LIB="% P%\..\lib";\dm\lib'. But this surely wrong, when the working drive is not identical to the installation drive. So long. -- Fight Spam! Join EuroCAUCE: http://www.euro.cauce.org/ 2EA56D6D4DC41ABA311615946D3248A1
Jan 24 2004