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D - Syntax Highlighting KDE 3.2 / Kate

Hi Guys,
Some general info regarding the latest on KDE / Kate for Linux.
Simon J Mackenzie
On Tuesday 18 November 2003 12:20, you wrote:

 Hi Christoph,
 Hope all is well on the Kate development front.  I've been out of the
 loop for quite some time and I was wondering why D syntax highlighting
 hasn't been included with the current release of Kate?  Can you help me
 out here?
D Highlighting is included in the Beta versions of KDE 3.2 and will be in the final, we can't include it in the 3.1.x bugfix releases, as it would be a "new feature" and no real bugfix cu Christoph -- Christoph Cullmann KDE Developer, kde.org Maintainance Team http://www.babylon2k.de, cullmann kde.org --------------------
Nov 19 2003