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D - 0.75 and DUI

DUI now compiles and links and all the tests compile, link and run.
I changed my phobos to include module declarations on all source files
(except assert.d and the internal/*.d) and most "import" to be private.

I believe (didn't confirm) that what allowed DUI to compile
was making the import statments "member" of the classes 
where they are used.
This looks like a workaround instead of a definitive solution.

Because DUI compiles with an altered version of phobos
doesn't seem to make sence to release it publicly.
(perheaps DUI would compile with the standard phobos if 
the import were made members of the classes before adding
the new qualifiers (std.xxx) I don't think I'm gonna try that...)

Let's wait for dmd 0.76

Nov 15 2003