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D - init property

reply "Vathix" <Vathix kernel.net> writes:
I think something isn't right with the init property becuase when I used it
on a HANDLE (void*) like so:  if(hfile == hfile.init) it would give me the
vague error:

void has no value

I didn't even know what that came from until I searched the dmd src and
found that error message in cast.c.  To find the problem in my code, I
commented out parts and recompiled a few times.  When I did  hfile =
hfile.init it also gave me this error:

cannot implicitly convert void to void*

I found out it compiles fine with the windows.d that comes with DMD, I'm
using the one Andy Friesen posted awhile ago and all I changed in it was
having HANDLE be void* instead of int. So it might be a problem with
aliases? I did have a strange problem with aliases before. Something like

struct tagFOO
 int bla;
alias tagFOO FOO;
alias tagFOO* LPFOO;

In one case, using LPFOO thought it was a pointer to some other struct
whereas FOO* worked fine (I was adding some Windows code before I found that
nice windows.d from Andy Friesen).
Apr 27 2003
parent "Walter" <walter digitalmars.com> writes:
It's a bug, I'll see about fixing it. -Walter
May 01 2003