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The following people have contributed to the compiler project over the years; contributing engineering, code, expertise, marketing, inspiration and moral support. It is not complete, send me email if I've stupidly left anyone out:

Hans Boehm, Charles Bright, Andrew Bushnell, David Bustin, Mike Cote, Sam Druker, Les Dye, Bruce Eckel, Eric Engstrom, Gordon Eubanks, Bjorn Freeman-Benson, John Haggins, Phil Hinger, Doug Huffman, Joe Huffman, Ken Kiraly, Jan Knepper, Andrew Koenig, Scott Ladd, Paul Leathers, Nikke Locke, Dave Mansell, Stephan Marx, Joe McIsaac, Christof Meerwald, John Micco, Phil Murray, Pat Nelson, Walter Oney, Steve Russell, Mansour Safai, Andrew Schulman, Roy Sherrill, Bob Stout, Bjarne Stroustrup, Steve Teale, Fred J. Tydeman, Eugene Wang, Matthew Wilson