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An accomplished Software Development Manager / Architect with a strong architectural background. Proven architectural and design skills on large commercial projects. Demonstrated skills in project management, team building, resource allocation, communication and creative problem solving.

Major Accomplishments and Skills

·         Successfully managed and shipped several versions and flavors of Symantec Cafe and VisualCafé for Java, a market leading development tool for Java applications

·         Coordinated the development process with product management and quality assurance.

·         Developed and tracked work schedules and budget plans.

·         Recruited employees.

·         Prepared performance evaluations for employees against their objectives to determine bonus targets and career paths.

·         Prepared career-development plans for employees.

·         Developed and maintained relationships with third party companies.

·         Managed the software configuration management process.

·         Ability to learn and acquire new skills rapidly.

·         Always willing to accept new challenges.

·         Superb technical problem solving and performance tuning skills.

·         10+ years of experience with Object Oriented Design (UML, Booch ‘93, OMT) and development (C++, C, Java, COM, CORBA, Intel 80x86 Assembly, Visual Basic).

·         Fluent in English, Dutch and German.


Professional Experience

August 1998 to present

(through acquisition) Webgain Inc., Santa Clara, USA
Symantec Corporation,
Cupertino, USA

Senior Software Development Manager


January 1997 to August 1998

Symantec Corporation, Cupertino, USA


Software Development Manager / Architect

Managed a team of software developers, architects and quality assurance engineers. Responsible for the development cycle of several versions of VisualCafé for Java, Enterprise Suite and Webgain Studio.
Architect and developer for several core components of VisualCafé, including its graphical form editor, java compiler, java libraries and incremental debugger for Java, JSP and EJB’s.
Webgain Studio is a full blown J2EE development suite that was designed and written using object oriented techniques (UML, C++, COM and Java, XML).
Awarded multiple times for exceptional commitment and performance.

January 1996 to January 1997

Symantec Corporation, Cupertino, USA

Principle Software Engineer, Tech Lead

Technical project lead for Symantec C++ and Symantec Cafe for Java. Both products are 3rd generation Integrated Development Environments for developing C++ and Java applications.
The technical project lead is responsible for all technical aspects of these products.
Hands-on development activities included: C++ Compiler, Runtime Libraries and STL, MFC Libraries and Resource Editor among others.


Professional Experience (continued)

January 1992 to January 1996

WiBB Automation BV, Ohe en Laak, NL

Software Engineer, Lead Technology & Research

Responsible for research of new technologies and tools for WiBB, Responsible for performance tuning and trouble-shooting of C++ and the ObjectStore Object Oriented Database. Point-contact for Object Design and suppliers of other development tools. Internal consultant for ObjectStore and C++ related technologies. Developed internal API’s and class libraries on top of ObjectStore for use in AIMS, an Information Management System for Building Engineering.


June 1992

HBO Heerlen (College of Advanced Technology), Heerlen, Netherlands

B.S., Computer Science [Ing. Informatica]

Faculty: Computer Science
Field of Study: Technical Information Systems


Other Activities

·         Presented VisualCafé before an Audience of 1000+ people at the JavaONE conference in San Francisco

·         Lectured on Java and C++ Performance Tuning at the JavaONE conference in San Francisco



Available upon request