PDF Documentation for Digital Mars Compilers

Download PDF documentation files

The downloadable files are compressed to reduce download times. The uncompressed files are in Adobe Acrobat format.

Where to get Acrobat reader

To get the latest Adobe Acrobat reader see instructions at: www.adobe.com

Installing the Document Files

After downloading the documentation packages it is recommended to extract the content into the following structure.
  1. For each manual, create a directory/folder under [acrobat] (where, [acrobat] is the directory/folder where you installed the Acrobat Reader):
              md [acrobat]\doc\ctg
              md [acrobat]\doc\rtl
              md [acrobat]\doc\ugr
  2. Copy and extract the corresponding files from the download directory to the directory/folder for each manual:
Each document directory/folder contains Acrobat files (identified by a .PDF suffix) that correspond to the parts of the manuals. For example, the Run-Time Library Reference manual is organized in five parts plus the front matter:
     RTL_P00.PDF   (Front matter; Table of Contents)

     RTL_P01.PDF   (Part 1: Chapters 1 and 2)

     RTL_P02A.PDF  (Part 2: Chapters 3 through 6)
     RTL_P02B.PDF  (Part 2: Chapters 7 through 10)
     RTL_P02C.PDF  (Part 2: Chapters 11 through 14)
     RTL_P02D.PDF  (Part 2: Chapters 15 through 18)
     RTL_P02E.PDF  (Part 2: Chapters 19 through 22)

     Note: Because Part 2 is very large, it is subdivided 
           into several files, RTL_P02A.PDF through 

     RTL_P03.PDF  (Part 3: Chapters 23 through 24)

     RTL_P04.PDF  (Part 4: Chapters 25 through 27)

     RTL_P05.PDF  (Part 5: Appendixes A through C)

     RTL_P06.PDF  (Index)

        Note: The Index is not useful for locating information 
              online. However, if you print out the manual, 
              the Index accurately specifies the page numbers 
              on the printed pages.

Viewing/Printing the Documents

The recommended way to view the documents is to open the file named xxx_P00.PDF, which includes the Table of Contents for the manual, in the Acrobat Reader. From there, you can jump directly to any chapter you want to view and/or print by clicking on the Table of Contents listing for that chapter.

Acrobat Reader allows you to print a manual "part," which is one or more chapters, or a range of pages. If you want to print a chapter, you must specify a range that corresponds to the page numbers specified in "Page Number Box" located in the Status Box at the bottom of the Acrobat Reader window. This is because the Acrobat uses the range 1 to n for each document (rather than the page numbers that appear on the displayed pages). http://www.digitalmars.com/ctg/ctg.html