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D - import/modules

reply marksibly <blitzmunter gmail.com> writes:

D newbie here with a few import/module related questions.

I have a test project with the following dir/file layout:


The modules reference each other via imports (nice!) and it all
compiles fine as long as I specify both modules on the dmd command
line, eg:

dmd test.d testmod\c.d

But I can't get '-I' to do this for me, eg:

dmd -IC:\ test.d

doesn't work - can't find the second module.

What am I doing wrong? Or is this the way it works - if so, what
does -I actually do?

I also notice that you seem to be able to call packages/modules
anything you want!

The docs state that package names=dirs and module names=files, but
you can apparently use anything you want for either, as long as the
module decl matches the import.


PS: the samples in the windows release don't work - they're looking
for a dmd/bin dir, but there's only dmd/windows. Tried copying
bin/lib dirs in windows up a level but still doesn't work.
Jun 24 2010
parent Ivan Melnychuk <ivan.melnychuk+news gmail.com> writes:
Good question. I would also like to find a good explanation to the 
compilation and how does file/package/module resolution works. I have 
issues making dsss work and I think the issue is also related to the 
fact that the package/module resolution is not doing what I would like 
it to do.
Sep 04 2010