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reply "Brad Anderson" <eco gnuk.net> writes:
One of the first things people looking to know more about D see 
is the word count example. It's the top item in Overview and 
"Examples" are the equivalent of "Screenshots" for GUI programs 
in that it's almost always the first thing people want to see.

The word count example is, frankly, pretty dated.  Its history is 
hard to track but, except for some minor changes to get it to 
build with D2, it's stayed essentially the same for at least 4 
year (probably longer). New users in IRC have found bugs with it 
and people are sometimes confused by things in it[1].  The 
Associative Arrays page has its own version that is somewhat 
improved (a bit less featureful though).

I think it needs to be replaced with something more 
representative of modern idiomatic D2. It could remain a version 
of word count or we could try something more ambitious[2]. Either 
way, I thought I'd ask for ideas before I attempt a pull request.


[2] http://synonym.dartlang.org/ or http://hyperpolyglot.org/cpp 
(though maybe these would be better as a new page).
Aug 03 2012
parent "Bernard Helyer" <b.helyer gmail.com> writes:
Go for it, man.
Aug 04 2012