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digitalmars.D - update list of organisations using D to refer to blog posts and talks

Could we try to keep the list of organisations using D updated to 
include links to talks given since the list was made?  Eg Weka, 
Remedy Games.

Similarly could we add blog posts (eg recent one on eBay) to the 
list as we do for talks.

Maybe we could add some more concise quotes as well to this page. 
  Eg Tamedia say "D is not only a highly productive language, but 
also a great hiring filter."  But nothing for Weka.

If we could contact Netflix to get their confirmation and 
approval to mention their use of D for machine learning, I think 
their name would carry some weight.

Bear in mind that this page may be visited by people that have 
influence on decisions by their organisations, and who are just 
taking a quick look and won't dig deeper unless their interest is 

Then also, on the front page under Community there should be a 
"Notable Projects" page for non-commercial open-source projects 
like Tilix (nee Terminix).

Finally - I think having a "channels" or domains page that gives 
a primer on domain-specific resources available would make it a 
bit easier for people looking into the language.  Eg 
bioinformatics, numerical computing, automated translation from 
other languages, web services, etc.  The knowledge is there, but 
it's a bit fragmented.

I would do myself, but don't have so much time unfortunately.


May 24 2017