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digitalmars.D - toImpl deprecated, use opCast instead?


I perceive to!T and cast(T) as fundamentally different operations. How can
opCast correctly perform the role of to! ?
cast() is a low level type cast, to! implies a conversion of some kind. If
you have a pointer type, I assume cast to operate on the pointer, and to!
to perform a conversion of the thing it represents.

to!int("12345")  or  cast(int)"12345"
to!JSONValue(obj)  or  cast(JSONValue)obj
cast(string)obj  <- appears to be a primitive cast operator, communicates
nothing to me about the expected format of the string produced

The cast approach feel really wrong to me...

I need to do conversion between some fairly complex types. to! feels
appropriate, but cast() just seems weird...
Have I missed something?
Jun 07 2012