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digitalmars.D - the Python moratorium

reply Walter Bright <newshound1 digitalmars.com> writes:
An interesting discussion of the issues involved in improving a 
language, pretty relevant to D.

Dec 04 2009
parent bearophile <bearophileHUGS lycos.com> writes:
Walter Bright:
That blog post doesn't list the costs for Python of that stasis, some developer may leave looking for more interesting grassy fields to work on. I agree that D2 has to give time to people to create a D2 compiler with llvm back-end, and I agree that D2 needs some time to refine its implementation: to remove bugs, write documentation, clean semantics, remove sharp corners, battle-test the standard library, finish to implement correctly some of the planned but not fully implemented features, improve efficiency and speed of several details, refractor the front-end into two layers to allow it better grafting on the llvm backend, and so on. But D is not as widespread as Python and it's not as polished & smooth as Python 2.6, so some small changes may turn out to be necessary, for example to remove some of the design mistakes. Bye, bearophile
Dec 05 2009