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digitalmars.D - tecgraf iup windows linking

reply "James Wirth" <jwirth1 suddenlink.net> writes:
I want to use the tecgraf iup gui library for a cross platform 
application - using dmd2.065.
I have simple .d program that links with iup on linux w/o a 
problem using -L-liup
after installing the iup so library for linux provided by tecgraf.
HOWEVER, cannot quite get there for Windows with same .d prog
Tecgraf supplies several .a libraries on Windows for mingw, gcc4, 
The link almost works without errors (after adding lots of 
Windows xxx32.lib
files to the link.  But I cannot get rid of:
    Undefined ___chkstk_ms
linker error message (and a couple others).  This does not seem 
to be part
of the iup libraries (I did a find on all files with grep).
So my question is:  which Windows gcc clone provides libraries 
most likely
to be compatible with dmd2.065 ??
(BTW am using wine for development to avoid buying a MS box for 
just one project -
dmd for windows occaisionally hiccups but until now, have been 
able to keep
(BTW BTW - the windows program works - so why the linker errors ?)
Apr 20 2014
parent "Kagamin" <spam here.lot> writes:
Conventional windows 32-bit libraries are incompatible with dmd. 
Either compile iup with dmc, link it as a dll or use gdc or ldc.
Apr 21 2014