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In the the Lambda the Ultimate blog, here:
they have discussed a little about this paper, "Super and Inner -- Together at
Last!" by David S. Goldberg, Robert Bruce Findler and Matthew Flatt:

From its abstract:

In an object-oriented language, a derived class may declare a method with the
same signature as a method in the base class. [...] the new declaration
overrides the base declaration, perhaps completely replacing it, or perhaps
using *super* to invoke the old implementation. Another possibility is that the
base class always controls the method implementation, and the new declaration
merely augments the method in the case that the base method calls *inner*. Each
possibility has advantages and disadvantages. In this paper, we explain why
programmers need both kinds of method redeclaration, and we present a language
that integrates them.<
Bye, bearophile
Dec 22 2009