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digitalmars.D - suggestion func.length <-- indicate the binary length of a func

if func.length is given, we have a much simpler implementation of ddl.
And the job of loading or saving the library is kind of serialization.
The advantage is we don't need to deal with map files or obj files, which
might be changed due to upgrade. and func.length is promised from compiler
then we can have a simpler, and nicer implementation.
I do appreciate the job of ddl, and of course the func.length won't solve
the problem of loading some existing library so easy with ddl. But in most
case, i guess we can simply write wrapper&saver to convert lib file to the
serializer recognizable format. And disadvantage of this func.length would
be we don't have a standardized serialization format. Though this can be
done. And i guess it's worth doing so to give such a property, since it's
not a very hard job for the compiler, and that much simplified the  
of dynamic loading libraries.

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Oct 26 2006