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digitalmars.D - stdlib Solution?

I think that looking at options to solve the problem would be a good list 
to have. I think biases should be put aside as to the preferred library 
of choice and look at what will be best for the language and community 
growth. I have also added a copy of this to:

Plug and Play Standard Libraries:

dmd uses a file called dmd.conf which tells it where to find its standard 
library. Why not expand this file to allow for any number of library 
choices that can be selected with a compiler switch? Tango should ship 
with D2 and Phobos can come as a download extension. Other libraries 
could be thrown in: std2, tangobos.

Left Unresolved:

It is true that this does not solve the D has 2 standard libraries. 
Library developers such as SWT will feel pressure to support 2 bases.

What is Solved:

What I have seen, there will not be ONE standard. Phobos and Tango will 
be competing for a long time if not through D's entire life.

Project developers don't have to support 2 libraries. If I decide to code 
in Tango, why should I have to request Gregor to port DSSS to Tango when 
the compiled version already works with compiling Tango code. With this 
solution I just tell dmd to compile with Phobos and I'm all ready to 
install it.

The majority of users will get Tango and not have to deal with installing 

Phobos users still have fast access to Phobos.

It will give a chance to see which library really will make a hit. 
Projects can be developed with either base and very little concern can be 
placed on what your users will prefer. (no more Tango is not the Standard 

If something even better comes along, there is no need to change 
anything. The power is given to the user to decide based on the community 

Final Thoughts:

Tango and/or Phobos could flourish or flop. D is still young and I think 
it would be good to allow choice and see where things go. The D community 
is already split and it may always be. This topic should probably be 
revisited with every new release of D (read initial major version 
Feb 07 2008