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reply Visan Tudor-Cosmin <tudorcosmin.visan gmail.com> writes:

I was looking at this project for SAOC, and thinking about how to 
best approach it.
If I understand it correctly, it would require that every 
function in std would have a corresponding unit-test which would 
measure the time it takes, and subsequently check the performance 
impact when the function is changed.
Would this be the correct approach, or have I misunderstood the 

Visan Tudor-Cosmin
Aug 12 2019
parent Robert Schadek <rschadek symmetryinvestments.com> writes:
That is pretty much accurate.
Additionally, the run times should be persisted and nicely 

I did a tiny bit in 

have a look into the file in it std/stringbenchmarks.d
Aug 13 2019