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digitalmars.D - [spec] Setting expectations


I just wanted to see if following is reasonable.

1. I expect progress to be very slow as I can only work in my 
spare time, and I have a number of other projects going too.

2. I will commit to working on the spec until a first draft of 
updated spec is published, no matter how long it takes in elapsed 
time. I thought about this for a while before deciding to commit 
any time to it.

3. Any changes I submit will always be to improve (and add) to 
the spec, never to remove information. (Of course, sometimes I 
expect to remove some text because it is superfluous and covered 

4. I would like the changes I submit to be merged quickly or 
feedback given as to why they are not suitable. Since I propose 
to submit small changes at time, it becomes a problem if a 
particular change is held up for a time, as it will prevent me 
from submitting further changes.

Thanks and Regards
May 17 2019