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digitalmars.D - rubymotion, D needs to get on mobile

I was just looking over the upcoming talks in the llvm devroom at 
FOSDEM, in preparation for Kai Nacke's talk about ldc in a couple 
hours (you can stream it here: http://streaming.fosdem.org), when 
I read about RubyMotion, which uses llvm to provide 
native-compiled ruby apps for OS X and iOS:


It is commercial and partially open source, a model I've 
suggested for D before:


There are a lot of mobile devs looking for a better programming 
language in that booming field and D is really missing out by not 
being on mobile, where its ease of use and efficiency would 
really shine.  This would be a great opportunity for someone to 
port D to iOS and provide a similar, partially closed commercial 
Feb 02 2014