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digitalmars.D - reviewing tango

after days discussion over tango in the NG, i find tango is great!! thx  
tango team!!
and as we can see , even alex & walter would need great effort to make the  
which depends on C performs better than tango(though that might because of  
some cache
stuff). so doesn't it indicate something? and I do appreciate two team  
people work on
different paths. let's rethink IO totally. In my opinion cache thingie  
should be set
as default and the example of getting standard input needs the flush would  
be easy to
i would rather leave that easy to forget! Reason? Because I can easily  
find i forget to
add .flush when i test my program, and i get defautly all IO cached. let's  
do it in stdio
way, we don't need .flush at all , yet we lose the performance. that's  
tradeoff. I guess
people would prefer the 1st way.

i think what tango need to do is better document, and focus on easy use.

as the first time i touch tango, the installation is somewhat err, how to  
say not so
free from thinking, u must read the doc CAREFULLY ENOUGH to make ur tango  
installed properly
a better way should be redundancy document? and clearly enlarge font for  
each step , highlight
the crucial point, or command ?
Mar 29 2007