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digitalmars.D - push rights for deimos repos

reply David <d dav1d.de> writes:
It's my 3rd library binding I've submitted to deimos now and I really
don't like the workflow.

1. Make the binding in your repo
2. It works and you completed it -> E-mail Walter
3. Fork deimos repo
4. Merge your repo into your fork
5. Make a pull request
6. Repeat 4 if you change something (or you delete your original repo
and work on the fork only)

Why don't we give the initial contributors to this specific deimos repo
push rights, so you simply have to add a "git remote" and you're done.
This has several benefits:

 * OP (I call everyone who has rights on D-Programming-Deimos an OP now)
has to review (if they do) the code.
- If code is reviwed, I was thinking of submitting CEF bindings to
Deimos: https://github.com/Dav1dde/cef - several thousand lines of code
and comments (90% automated conversion). That still takes a long time to
If the initial contributor has push rights, he can also do the
reviewing, which would safe the OPs some time, which they could use to
work on the druntime, phobos or have fun with their family/friends.
 * Not every little change has to be pull-requested, e.g. the glfw3
bindings, glfw3 is relativly unstable, keeping up to date means, lots of
small changes one at a time to the bindings.
 * It's faster, let's stay at the glfw3 example, I really depend on
glfw3 changes sometimes, if I make a pull request for deimos, this takes
a bit until it's merged (around a day I would say), in this timespawn, I
can't update the submodule, so it's better if I would add my fork as
submodule (so deimos is used as index to up to date bindings)

 * Possible negative side: harm can be done, if there is a reviewed
binding but the one with pull requests goes crazy and want's to do harm
as much as possible and sneaks in a "rm -rf /*" we have a problem. But
this is anyway the case if the code isn't reviewd (see above). A
soloution would be just to give "trusted" members rights on the deimos
repo. E.g. was contributing to druntime/phobos/dmd/ldc/gdc or is part of
the community for a long time now or has proven him self as reliable, or
or or.

Furthermore I think we should get someone who is responsible mainly for
deimos, so I can simply ping him on irc and he creates the repo for me,
or send him a quick e-mail. Because I think begging Walter with a simple
repo creation is stealing some of it's time (I might be horribly wrong
here, would be good if you could clarify).
The one who is responsible for the deimos repos could also manage Pull
Requests, so e.g. Andrei or anyone else could review a druntime/phobos
etc. request instead of a deimos pull-request which doesn't need that
much knowledge and doesn't have such a huge impact on D.

I hope this wasn't too much text

TL;DR: Give initial contributors push rights to Deimos repos and get a
responsible person for D-Programming-Deimos.
Dec 30 2012
parent reply David <d dav1d.de> writes:
Not even a single word, thanks
Jan 02 2013
parent Walter Bright <newshound2 digitalmars.com> writes:
On 1/2/2013 2:03 PM, David wrote:
 Not even a single word, thanks
I don't really see the issue. I created the repository for your project, and pulled your pull requests. The workflow is deliberately designed so more than one person needs to be involved to get the stuff online.
Jan 02 2013