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digitalmars.D - pragma(mangle) only works on functions

I felt this was important enough to big over to the D general 
Thread:http://forum.dlang.org/thread/zmmsodqrffvcdqidvodz forum.dlang.org

BBasile's Example:

On Monday, 17 August 2015 at 04:32:47 UTC, BBasile wrote:
 On Monday, 17 August 2015 at 02:46:02 UTC, Freddy wrote:
 I can't get pragma(mangle) to work on templates(or structs).
I don't know why but it looks like it only works on functions. Even if a struct is not a template the custom symbol mangle won't be handled: --- import std.stdio; pragma(mangle, "a0") class MyClass{} pragma(mangle, "a1") struct MyStruct{} pragma(mangle, "a2") void body_func(); pragma(mangle, "a3") struct MyStructh { pragma(mangle, "a4") void foo(){}} void main() { writeln(MyClass.mangleof); writeln(MyStruct.mangleof); writeln(body_func.mangleof); writeln(MyStructh.mangleof); writeln(MyStructh.foo.mangleof); } --- which outputs: --- C13temp_019455687MyClass S13temp_019455688MyStruct a2 S13temp_019455689MyStructh a4 --- 'a4' being printed and not 'a3' is interesting BTW ;) I think that the manual is not clear enough about this pragma: http://dlang.org/pragma.html#mangle Unless the spec. are more detailed this could be considered as a bug.
Aug 16 2015