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digitalmars.D - pipe!

I can do what I wanted with the new compiler. 

    string filename = "data.txt";
    auto nums = pipe!(readText, split, map!(to!(uint)))(filename);

Like I write in my previous post. I think, Andrei has read it ^_^. It is even
nicer than compose some times because order of application is left to right.
This works to:

    string filename = "data.txt";
    auto nums = compose!(map!(to!(uint)), split, readText)(filename);

But is a bit hard to read because you read order right to left. It is good to
have both functions.

There is a question. This does not work

    auto nums = pipe!(readText, split, map!(to!(uint)))("data.txt");

with odd Error: slice a[] is not mutable. 

What could happen? The file name should not change. Thank you, Dee Girl
May 17 2008