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digitalmars.D - mysql-native project's direction (Was: mysql-native: newbie questions)

On 4/7/2014 1:27 PM, Steve Teale wrote:>
 Quite by accident/coincidence, I recently returned to my mysqln effort
 to see if it would still build with the latest dmd.

 I had also reinstalled MySQL recently so it was a different version, and
 that resulted in a few tweaks to the unit tests. However, other than
 that, I had no great problem.

 I then set about trying to minimize memory allocations, and hopefully
 get the thing to be a bit more speedy. I think I have made some
 improvements there.
Nice to see your return to mysql-native! Which version of the codebase are you resuming from? I don't know how much of this you're aware of, but there's been some happenings in the mysql-native world during your absence: Several part-time contributors (including myself) have been doing maintenance on a fork of your original code. This fork has pretty much become the de-facto "main" mysql-native and lives here: https://github.com/rejectedsoftware/mysql-native (I hope we haven't messed anything up too badly!) One of the important changes in that fork (in my potentially-biased opinion), verses your original version is that we've added optional support for Vibe.d's sockets, which (long story short) is very important for those of us who use mysql-native in Vibe.d-based applications. Also, simendsjo has recently been working on a cleaned-up rewrite over here (not yet finished, AIUI): https://github.com/simendsjo/mysqln There are a handful of regular mysql-native contributors, but so far nobody has been able to dedicate more than just occasional time and effort to it. So I think it's important to the project that we don't spread our already-limited resources too thin by managing several different divergent forks. Ideally, I'd like to see us pick one fork and concentrate development/maintenance efforts on it. If simendsjo's rewrite is close enough to being ready, I suggest we pick it and help him put together any remaining pieces.
Apr 07 2014