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digitalmars.D - moduleName bug

Module name doesn't seem to work with qualified module names. I 
imagine this also is an issue with other similar functions:

template moduleName(alias T)
     static assert(!T.stringof.startsWith("package "), "cannot get 
the module name for a package");

     static if (T.stringof.startsWith("module "))
         static if (__traits(compiles, packageName!T))
             enum packagePrefix = packageName!T ~ '.';
             enum packagePrefix = "";

         enum moduleName = packagePrefix ~ T.stringof[7..$];
         alias moduleName!(__traits(parent, T)) moduleName;

The error I get is about circular references on moduleName. The 
code that produces the error is:

template test(alias i)
         alias typeof(i) I;
	pragma(msg, "import "~moduleName!(I)~"."~I.stringof~";");

this code seems to work fine in a simple environment but in my 
code it doesn't as I get that error. I've tried reducing my code 
to the most simplest but still get the error.

I'm sure there is something wrong with the moduleName... possibly 
the static if statement isn't enough to ensure termination of the 
recursion? (does "module my.module" start with "module" or "my"?)
Jul 12 2013