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digitalmars.D - missing: __traits(isPublic (private, etc...)

I am working a reflection / introspection library (dynamic / at runtime, as 
opposed to compile time with template and mixin).

Now I can create "PropertyInfo" classes for property with very little code 
and it all works well.

I'm hitting a problem, trying to "register" all property of my class 

I have a vanilla implementation like that:
void RegisterProperties(T)()
    foreach(mn ; __traits(derivedMembers, T))
        GetProperty!(T, mn);

The problem is, it's trying to register private properties! (and of course 
fail, due to access rights...)
So far I have test like
static if(mixin("__traits(compiles, t." ~memberName ~")") )
    getter = &GETTER!(T, memberName);
which test that the thing is a property.
But how could I test it's a ***public*** property?
if not possible, wouldn't it be a nice trait addition?
Jun 20 2011