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digitalmars.D.learn - vibe.d mongodb connections

I'm currently trying around with vibe.d and I'm confused about the 
MongoDB example:

import vibe.d;

MongoClient client;

void test()
	auto coll = client.getCollection("test.collection");
	foreach (doc; coll.find(["name": "Peter"]))
		logInfo("Found entry: %s", doc.toJson());

shared static this()
	client = connectMongoDB("");

"client" is TLS but is initialized within a shared module consturctor, 
meaning that only the main thread will have a initialized db-connection. 
http://vibed.org/api/vibe.db.mongo.mongo/connectMongoDB says: "Thus, the 
MongoClient instance can - and should - be shared among all fibers in a 
thread by storing in in a thread local variable."

So wouldn't it make more sense that the MongoDB example initializes the 
"client" variable in a "static this()" instead of a "shared static this()" ?

Kind Regards
Benjamin Thaut
Jan 02 2015