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digitalmars.D.learn - traits.d: error: forward reference of variable parentPrefix

reply Noob <noob example.com> writes:
Hello all,

I'm trying to use a std.digest, namely MD5 and sHA,  as a 
template parameter like so:

auto x = new MyDigestWrapper!MD5;

The compiler (dmd2) then throws two error messages at me which 
puzzle me.

phobos/std/traits.d 554: Error: forward reference of variable 
parentPrefix, and
phobos/std/traits.d 727: Error: template instance 
std.traits.fqnSym!(const(MyDigestWrapper!(MD5))) error 
...std/traits.d 462: inst. from here: 
fqn!Type(const(MyDigestWrapper!(MD5)), false, false, false, false)
mydigestwrapper.d-mixin-283 310: inst. from here: 
app.d 211: inst. from here MyDigestWrapper!(MD5)

1. What's going on ?
2. How is that fqnSym involved ?
3. What is parentPrefix ?
4. What is this forward ref, and why ?
5. How can I review mydigestwrapper.d-mixin-283 ?

Thanks for your time
Sep 01 2016
parent Noob <noob example.com> writes:
nvm. Renaming the MyDigestWrapper import caused the error.
Sep 01 2016