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digitalmars.D.learn - std.mathspecial conflicts with std.math

reply Jun <blings naver.com> writes:
It seems here isn't write place for posting this, but my phone always fail to
load digitalmars.D html page.
(I cannot use my computer right now.)
I was making a simple program and I had to use erfc() function, which is in
std.mathspecial. I needed some
functions in std.math. After importing it, I got a compiler error and found
that functions in std.mathspecial
conflict with deprecated equivalent in std.math. Hope it get fixed soon :D
Jan 15 2012
parent bearophile <bearophileHUGS lycos.com> writes:

 Hope it get fixed soon :D
Hoping is not enough. Are you able to show us a small test case that gives this conflict problem? Bye, bearophile
Jan 15 2012