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digitalmars.D.learn - std.conv issues

It seems that the 'to(T,S)' methods to convert from string to any integer,
don't work when the number in the string is not in decimal system. I couldn't
find neither in the documentation or the code a function to do this. Example:

auto bin = to!long( "0b10111010" );
auto hex = tolong( "0xBADBEEF" );
auto oct = to!long( "013371337" );

The first two assignments throw a ConvError exception, and the second one,
obviously, is converted in decimal. Is there a way to make this functions work
with other numeral systems? Or this is by design? 

The funny thing is that there's a function to make the oposite conversion, and
it even let you specify the radix.

Nov 11 2009